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The Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia was established to improve, develop the profession, functions and conditions for performing professional work in human resources management, protection of general and individual interests of people engaged in this activity. The Chamber is committed to building, maintaining and improving professional and partnership relationships with experts in the field of human resources management, media, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, NGOs, business and academic institutions to address challenges in managing people affecting the efficiency and sustainability of their organizations and communities.

The chamber is a meeting place where employers and employees achieve mutual success. A place that fully understands all the interesting aspects of labor relations in economic entities in Serbia, which is the gathering center of the voice of employees and employers and as such is the most important and most professional subject when looking for solutions to problems arising from labor and labor relations.

The Chamber is an independent, professional organization that already brings together over three hundred people in the field of management and who work in more than 200 organizations throughout Serbia.

Membership in the Chamber is voluntary.

In its work, the Chamber is guided by the following values: respect, ethics, responsibility, competence, participation, transparency, proactivity and support.

The Chamber strives to achieve professional standards in human resource management based on respect for ethical principles, development of professional competencies and ensuring a quality system of professional work based on responsibility and knowledge. Also, the Chamber represents the interests of employees working in this profession, more precisely its members, and strives to advocate public policies in the interest of professionals, in order to ensure a high quality of labor relations in Serbia.

The program orientation of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia is based, primarily on the Statute of the Chamber. The activity of the Chamber will be directed in three directions, as follows:

  1. Improving the quality of professional work
  2. Advocacy
  3. Improving the resources of the Chamber

The work program of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers is based on:

  • Labor Law
  • Law on Associations
  • Statute of the Chamber
  • Rulebook on detailed conditions for issuing, renewing or revoking the license of members of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia
  • Ordinance on continuing education

The program activities of the Chamber will be harmonized with the announced amendments to the law and other bylaws, primarily with the Labor Law.

In the coming period, the Chamber will base its work on the principles of the Code of Ethics of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia, thus strengthening the professional capacities of professionals. In the coming years, the Chamber will continue to cooperate with existing partners, but will strive to establish new partnerships with relevant organizational and social actors active in the field of human management, ie human resource management, especially with the relevant ministry, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, scientific and educational institutions. associations and develop multisectoral cooperation in the country and the region.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to give full support, raise the importance and organizationally strengthen the people who deal with this profession by developing, improving the practice of human resource management and increasing human potential in organizations in the Republic of Serbia, and thus contribute to the improvement of labor relations.

Our vision is to build a system of work and labor relations in Serbia that will satisfy the interests of all participants in it. The bodies of the Chamber are:


The Assembly, as the highest body of the Chamber, performs tasks and duties in accordance with the law and general acts of the Chamber.


The Board of Directors determines the business policy of the Chamber and executes the decisions of the Assembly. The members of the Management Board are:

Prof. dr Živko Kulić, Prof. dr Goran Milošević, Doc. dr Srećko Stamenković, dr Radovan Radić
Prof. dr Veselin Perović, mr Natalija Stamenković, Prof. dr Lazar Dražeta;


The Supervisory Board is a body that controls the work of the Director of the Chamber, the Board of Directors of the Chamber and the material and financial affairs of the Chamber.


The Director of the Chamber is an independent management body that manages the work of the Chamber and the work of the Professional Service of the Chamber.

The director of the Chamber is Doc. dr. Srećko Stamenković

Chamber bodies


The Ethics Committee of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia is an expert body of the Chamber elected by the Assembly of the Chamber from among its members, which monitors whether the work in human resources management and labor relations is based on the principles of professional ethics.

The Ethics Committee, in cooperation with the Board of Directors, determines the proposal of the code of professional ethics of human resources managers and proposes the same to the Chamber for adoption.

In performing its tasks, the Ethics Committee cooperates especially with other experts in the field of human resources management, business and academic institutions, as well as other entities, at home and abroad to address challenges in managing people that affect the efficiency and sustainability of their organizations.


For the successful performance of tasks within the scope of the Chamber, the Expert Council is an advisory body of the Chamber, which consists of reputable and proven experts in the field of human resource management who have contributed to the development of labor relations and human resources management.


The professional service of the Chamber is in charge of achieving quality results in the implementation of the work program of the Chamber, the internal organization of the Chamber, respecting the principles of expertise, functionality, rationality and economy of work.


Members of the Chamber can be all persons who do some of the work in the field of human resource management, people management or are interested in this activity and profession.

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