Membership Categories

Basic package (information package)

This package is designed for individual membership, for people whose primary interest is to establish professional contact with colleagues from Serbia and to be part of the professional network of human resource managers in Serbia.

The membership fee for this package is 10 euros.

Professional package (support and promotion package)

Pro-package designed for organizations / companies that want to stand out in the field of human resource management in the business community of Serbia. These organizations were provided with promotional support at events organized by the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia, the Chamber's website, magazine portals, video channels,  social media and e-news. The ideal package for companies interested in interacting with all users of the Chamber's services, well-known and experienced managers, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries (over 3000 of them), who want to participate and contribute to solving leading topics in management, labor relations and people management. organization.

Premium package (winner and leader package)

Premium package for organizations and individuals who have won awards at the SELECTION OF THE BEST IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN SERBIA, for organizations and individuals who want to have a leading role in the activities of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia.


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*Each member is also allowed to create their own unique package that suits their requirements. If you are interested in this type of membership, please contact the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia.


Become a proud member of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia, the only organization that defends and represents the interests of those who deal with human management.

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