The Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia and the University of MB Belgrade together in the development of management and people
Convinced of common interests in building, maintaining and improving professional and partnership relations in human resource management to address challenges in managing people that affect the efficiency and sustainability of their organizations and communities, the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia and MB Belgrade University concluded a Memorandum of Business technical cooperation.
универзитет и комора
With this memorandum, the signatories Doc. dr Srećko Stamenković director of the Chamber and rector of MB University, Prof. Dr. Dušan Regodić, agreed to cooperate in the improvement and development of management / people management, raising awareness of the importance of quality, fair, just, ethical relationship between employer and employees, general improvement of the quality of labor relations, as well as other matters of mutual interest. The agreement was signed in order to increase the potential of the signatories, develop the potential of clients and associates, provide professional assistance in training for human management, education, joint projects and training, promote good practice of the signatories in education, research, professional education, labor relations. , management and other areas of common interest, dual education.

Belgrade, April 2.

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